We have briefly explained below three key steps in the Accreditation process which  are extremely  important for you to understand prior to progressing further .

Step 1 -The Brief : Once you complete the initial process as per the email instructions received by you after registration, you will be asked to pay the fees . On receipt of fees you are allocated a Unilever brief. You are requested to  prepare in advance a full pitch-worthy proposal and discussion guide in response to the brief . If you are employed in an agency the proposal should not take form of a agency template, but rather should be a full reflection from yourself on the challenges of the brief  As this is the only written document that we request  ( ie no final research report is submitted) this is the document we use to judge your written communication . It is important to respond to the brief fully so that you display the full extent of your thinking and considerations . The proposal that is submitted is an important opportunity for you to demonstrate your individuality and strategic thinking .

The discussion guide should be completed as a reflection of the proposal you are putting forward and is again an opportunity for you to display the extent of your thinking .

Moderator Only applicants are not required to submit proposal . However, they should submit the group composition  proposed in lieu of proposal . They  will also be provided with a model discussion guide which can be modified by them  as per their individual moderation plan .

Step 2 – Interview and assessment : The date and time of the  interview is  selected by you from the list of available date/time  on the assessor calendar.  You have to upload all documents requested and click  ‘ Finish’ tab on the portal  at least 7 days prior to the assessment  slot selected by you .

What is the process for assessment?

  The assessment process will take place in 3 parts:

  1. 1-hour interview exploring your experience (Moderator and Research Lead) and discussing the proposal you have submitted (Research Lead)
  2. 1-hour focus group to allow you to display your moderation skills or if Research lead only, to observe moderation. (We have pre-defined the moderated focus group to 1 hour in order to give you adequate opportunity to demonstrate your moderation skills. While we are aware that this might not necessarily fit within your proposed approach it is important for you to utilise this time not only to explore the brief we have set but also to focus on displaying your skills. We do not expect you to fully deploy the submitted discussion guide. Those being assessed only for Research Leads do not conduct the group discussion. They get another moderator to conduct the group. It should be the moderator who is also going in for Moderator Accreditation so that both the assessments can be done together. Those being assessed for Moderator Accreditation simply conduct the group discussion using the guide provided)
  3. 1-hour interview to explore your experience of the focus group and how RL candidates might plan for the debrief. You are NOT asked to write a debrief at the end of that group –it’s a conversation about the emerging thoughts the researcher has on ways of analyzing the findings and preparing for the debrief. The assessor also has post group conversation with the moderator applicants.

Step 3 – Reporting and Results :   Following the assessment  the assessor writes up a report  and submits this to  our auditor .It I the auditor’ role to review the report and make sure the standards are consistent . The final  signoff of the  result lies with Unilever Director with  advice from the Industry expert . A summary report is issued with the results and this acts as a conclusion of the process . The final result  will be communicated to the candidate by  Konsumer Straetgiez .

Interested candidates who have not yet registered are invited to register by using the ‘New Registration’ option below.

If you need more information regarding the program you may send email to support@konsumerstrategiez.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.