What are the types of accreditation available?

In markets where multiple languages are spoken, typically the person leading the research project and the person doing the moderation of groups (or interviews) is not necessarily the same person. Primarily because of the multiple languages that exist in the region. Hence it is necessary that the process should accredit researchers at two levels:

  • Research Lead (minimum 5 years’ experience required). These people would lead the study and be expected to be completely involved from briefing to the debrief and would attend a substantial part of fieldwork even if they are not conducting it
  • Moderators (minimum 3 years’ experience required). These people would receive the discussion guide from the Research Lead and conduct the fieldwork and provide feedback to the Research Lead
  • Accreditation as BOTH Research Lead & Moderator, either same person who leads the project and moderates some or all of the fieldwork is also possible.